Greater Ladies


Greater Ladies (Members Only)

The Greater Ladies league purpose is to inspire women to become involved in shooting sports as a lifelong pursuit with other like minded women. League participants will develop their skills and get to know other Greater Ladies through a series of casual shooting events.

The league is ten weeks long beginning Thursday afternoon January 25th and will finish with an awards banquet on March 29th.

Ladies arrive at 3:15pm and are paired into 4 person groups randomly. If there are ladies you would like to shoot with just let us know! Shooting begins at 3:30pm.
There is a $80 one time League fee and shooters are responsible for target fees. Golf cart rentals are waived. The GHGC bar will open each league night until 8:00pm so everyone can catch up on the days shooting.

One hundred targets will be shot each week on the South Course, encompassing a total of 1000 targets shot over the ten week period.

Recognition of shooters will be based on 700 targets, with the ability to drop the three lowest scores.

Greater Ladies will use the Lewis Class System. The Lewis Class System groups ladies with similar shooting levels; final scores are posted when the event is over, scores are then put into groups based on score ranges.