Briley Blue Goose


Briley Blue Goose

We are back at it again and ready to rock and roll for the 2017 Briley Blue Goose. Please contact us quickly to register your squad. This will be a sell-out event. Memorial weekend is the time and Greater Houston Gun Club is the place. In 2016 we revamped the program to include everything that is fun about Skeet. In 2017 we will carry on those traditions with a few modifications.

For the 2017 Goose we will be bringing back the Calcutta, May Madness and by very popular demand the Practical Skeet prelim event that is shot Friday morning.
We have never repeated a prelim event in the history of the Briley Blue goose but we listened to the people on how refreshing, different and just plain fun this event was. So going against tradition we have decided to give the people what they want and do it again! If you didn’t participate in this ground breaking event last year we encourage you to read the rest of the program and give it a try. You will not be sorry! Too many great prizes to count will be given away to winners of all levels. Check it out!

The May Madness bracket makes its return with some modifications to the tie breaker rules. Last year we wanted to revive the long lost Calcutta. We did just that with over 50 participants battling for the cash. During the Calcutta shoot off the spectators were on the edge of their seats as their shooters were working their way from station to station. Hearts were broken and dreams of riches were crushed as shooters began to fall. This was an event for shooters and spectators alike.

Introducing the 12ga Bounty option! GHGC has partnered with Todd Bender to create an option for classes A-E in the 12ga event. This exciting option will give shooters an opportunity to shoot against one of the all times greats of the game and possibly collect the bounty. For full details on the 12ga bounty option please see the program for a full description.

For your entertainment this year during the traditional Saturday night Alaskan King crab dinner the Paxton Players are making a comeback to entertain the crowd. Who knows what these guys will come up with but you know it will be entertaining!

As always we are excited to see all of our friends again. So please take advantage of early registration to secure your spot.

Thank you,
Kevin Dougherty
Manager – Greater Houston Gun Club
Tournament Director – Briley Blue Goose