Briley Blue Goose


Briley Blue Goose

Happy 2018 everyone! Welcome back to GHGC for another great year of Skeet. As you may have heard we have a very big year ahead of us with the Goose, Best of Texas and US Open. We anticipate each event to sell out.

Our Goose program will be similar to years past with one glaring difference. This year we are going to use the Blue Goose as a vehicle to honor the man that revolutionized competitive skeet shooting. Mr. Jess Briley. Jess dedicated a good portion of his life to improving the quality of products that many of us use today. You all may have known Jess Briley or at the very least heard people talk about him.

This past September, Jess moved on and we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate his life and achievements. He believed that the future is held by us, by the up and comers who are hungry to make a difference. The people that have yet to put their stamp on this earth. Jess believed sometimes it was necessary to work behind the scenes to help his champions stay in the spotlight. It is with our great pleasure and honor, that we celebrate Jess Briley’s innovative vision as we focus on the future.

In Honor of Jess, each year at the Briley Blue Goose one person could be selected for the Jess Briley Innovators award. The award will be accompanied by a $1,000 cash prize, fully paid entry to the following years Briley Blue Goose. See full details in the program.

So please come one come all and join us for the 2018 Jess Briley Blue Goose! You will not be disappointed.
Thank you,
Kevin Dougherty
Manager – Greater Houston Gun Club
Jess Briley Blue Goose – Tournament Director