Welcome to the new Greater Houston Gun Club website!! Our new site will be one stop shopping for all your club needs. Our new format is easy to navigate and fun to look at. Below are some highlights of new features that we will be including on the new site.

The new interactive calendar is set up so all you need to do is click on a date and all the available information will pop up and be at your fingertips. Events that provide us contact info or registration info will be readily available.

Website will also boast a member bulletin board where members will have the opportunity to put postings up to sell various items such as ammo, carts, guns or services. These posting must be submitted to GHGC staff and approved before posting will be listed. For more information on how to post a listing click here.

Then we have our Members working with Members area. In this part of the webpage members will have the opportunity to list their company information or place an ad. If you are interested in posting in the Members working with Member’s area please click here for more information.

Membership info, event info, The Clay Bird, pictures and other fun things can all be found on the new and improved GHGC website. Home base for members and all of your needs. Welcome and please enjoy!

– Kevin Dougherty,
Manager, Greater Houston Gun Club

  • 2 Oct, 2015
  • Manager
  • greater houston gun club, new website, shooting, sport shooting, welcome,

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